OS X limerick

February 19, 2006

From /.

There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who saw another BSOD and said fuck it,
He couldn’t get any sex,
So he installed OS X,
With love that requires a mop and bucket.


As much as I hate to link to an MSN Space, here you are:

Top ten reasons geeks make good fathers

Funny screenshot

February 18, 2006

Found on Google:

The second beta of Microsoft’s antispyware product, now branded ‘Windows Defender’ (previously Microsoft AntiSpyware) is now available. It features a completely new UI design, though I can’t say that I like it much. It looks rather like IE7 Beta 2, and that’s not a compliment. However, it’s antispyware abilities are first-class, even though it’s still in beta. Additionally, this release is available for Windows 2000, which was not previously supported (that I know of).


February 11, 2006


Enough said.

From digg:

Computer programming students invariably fall into more than one bad habit. It can be extremely difficult to eradicate them. I wrote this when, in the days leading up to an assignment deadline.

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Chris rapes scores

February 8, 2006

Rishi: because it was too dissonant
Chris: lol
Rishi: then he went and fucked a rachmaninov score
Chris: I would so do that