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Awesome APOD

December 23, 2005

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (see sidebar for link) is simply incredible:

Ultra 1337

December 20, 2005

Undoubtedly the 1337est new Firefox extension in a while is the Performancing Blog Editor. It’s better than Flock’s blog editor, and it integrates right into Firefox.

CAD goes animated

December 1, 2005

T3h 1337 webcomic, Ctrl+Alt+Del, is going animated. They will be releasing animated shorts based on the webcomic every month starting in February ’06. If you don’t subscribe, I’ll kill you.

… CAD gets a new layout. It may be incomplete, slow, and buggy, but it’s fucking awesome. The site had been badly in need of an overhaul or just a new stylesheet for a while, and now it’s t3h 1337est of them all.