Fire in the hole!

June 22, 2006

Steven Hilton has put together a hilarious but also very relevant map of the battle against the "Empire of Microsoft." Take a look:

Software Wars


OS X limerick

February 19, 2006

From /.

There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who saw another BSOD and said fuck it,
He couldn’t get any sex,
So he installed OS X,
With love that requires a mop and bucket.

From digg:

Computer programming students invariably fall into more than one bad habit. It can be extremely difficult to eradicate them. I wrote this when, in the days leading up to an assignment deadline.

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New music

January 25, 2006

Today I ordered two CDs – the five Saint-SaĆ«ns piano concertos, and the five Mozart violin concertos – from Chapters is gay.

From here.

Personally I firmly believe that the next Windows will be marketed exclusively to gay satanists because that’s a group Bill Gates identifies strongly with – him being a gay satanist himself. I have no proof beyond a webpage hosted somewhere, but you can’t deny that it may or may not be true. I also drink my own urine.

Mad weed

January 1, 2006

Your mom


January 1, 2006

I had interesting experience booting my Debian 3.1 (2.6.14-2 kernel) system. If you’re a *nix user, you probably know what fsck is. If you don’t, click it to read it about on Wikipedia. So just as the system finishes POST, I get the usual “Uncompressing the kernel”, etc. and then:


So, basically, Debian wants me to fsck the partition. Well, fsck you, Debian.