Controversy over Danish cartoons intensifies

February 4, 2006

This has been all over the news lately, and I want to say a few words about it here.

The editor of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that originally printed the cartoons, has been quoted as saying that they were a test to see whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited freedom of expression in Denmark. Need I remind all those who favour the censorship of cartoons such as these what sacrifices have been made so that we might have freedom? Islamic extremism has created an atmosphere of fear, where people are afraid to direct legitimate criticism at Islam for fear of violent reprisals. All liberal democracies need to send a clear message to Islamic terrorists: we are not afraid. I full support the sentiment expressed by Jyllands-Posten – that we are slowly losing our grip on freedom under threat of violence. We will not be cowed into surrendering the freedoms that we have fought for by a bunch of AK47-waving fanatics. Free and democratic countries should be prepared to fight a long and bloody war against terrorism of all kinds, where ever it may be found.

The arm-waving fools that are threatening violence over a set of cartoons need to grow up. There is no need to resort to violence over the smallest dispute. You cannot exploit freedom of speech for your own ends while demand that it be refused to those with conflicting views. I have three words for those violently protesting these cartoons: get a life.


3 Responses to “Controversy over Danish cartoons intensifies”

  1. your so dumb, these cartoons where in the paper in september retard.

  2. also nice copy and pasting fag

  3. Rishi Says:

    Fuck you. I’m actually literate, asshole. Go masturbate with a heatsink somewhere.

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