WMF exploit

December 31, 2005

You’ve probably heard of the extremely critical flaw in Windows’ handling of WMF files. Here’s a disturbing video demonstrating exactly how the exploit can work:

Video of exploit


The BBC is reporting that the National Security Agency has been using persistent cookies on it’s website. But the real question is: who gives a damn? They’re the friggin’ NSA. It’s their job to track people. Futhermore, the usefulness of cookies as serious surveillance devices is more or less non-existent. Looks like another case of the BBC overhyping something it knows nothing about.

Read what Blake Ross has to say.

Awesome APOD

December 23, 2005

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (see sidebar for link) is simply incredible:


Another 1337 extension

December 23, 2005

I’ve just started using the Gmail Space v0.2 extension for Firefox, which allows you to use a Gmail account like an FTP site. Be warned, though, transferring > 1 GB of data per day will get your Gmail account locked.

Now watch Chris blog about this in the next 48 hours.

Opera buys Opera

December 23, 2005

From blakeross.com:

OSLO, NORWAY– Amidst mounting speculation of an all-out bidding war between Microsoft, Google and the Korean bakery down on 3rd, Opera Software announced today that it inadvertently purchased itself in a $0 million recursive merger set to complete on Monday.

“I’m as surprised as everyone else,? said Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “I read the news on http://www.geocities.com/~MiltonsTechWorld192/index.html when I woke up this morning.?

“Buying Opera is very Web 2.0,? said Milton, who was studying for a social studies test and could only comment briefly. “It’s like tagging. More companies should try it.?

Analysts value the deal at 42 liters of hot air, the estimated net worth of the blogosphere’s journalistic abilities.

Ultra 1337

December 20, 2005

Undoubtedly the 1337est new Firefox extension in a while is the Performancing Blog Editor. It’s better than Flock’s blog editor, and it integrates right into Firefox.