November 30, 2005

It’s 2:30am, and I have work to do, but I really don’t want to do it. I really should start it, because I’ll be at school until 9pm tomorrow (FUX0R!) and I need to get as much sleep as possible.

On an unrelated note, Firefox 1.5 was released today. Install it or I kill you.


Flying monkeys!

November 24, 2005

It started snowing lightly this evening around 5pm, it’s now 4am and it’s snowing quite heavily. There’s a good 15-20cm on the ground already, and I wonder what it’ll be like by sunrise. Not, of course, that I’ll be sleeping by then.

They’re onto me…

November 11, 2005

I just found out, according to an MIT study, tin foil hats won’t protect me from government mind-control rays. FUX0R.

Time for payback

November 11, 2005

California is suing Sony over their installation of malware on customers’ computers. I hope Sony dies a miserable death. And by the way, fuck pants.

They get dumber every day

November 10, 2005

You probably already know that Britain is the technological backwater of the developed world. You probably know that Tony Blair is a dumbass, too. But did you know that it takes 90 days to crack an encrypted hard drive?

… CAD gets a new layout. It may be incomplete, slow, and buggy, but it’s fucking awesome. The site had been badly in need of an overhaul or just a new stylesheet for a while, and now it’s t3h 1337est of them all.

  2. Ask an unclear question, then flame a veteran who asks for clarification.
  3. Flame a mod (unless you’re admin, of course).
  4. Double, triple, or quadruple post because you’re either too lazy or too stupid to edit.
  5. Necropost.
  6. Jump in the middle of a debate with an inflammatory one-line post and not say who you’re addressing.
  7. Type in txt-talk, unless for effect or in 1337speak (e.g. 1 PWN5D J00 FTW).
  8. Write a veritable essay that requires a doctorate and a lot of free time to read.
  9. Promise a list of 10 things when you can only remember nine.