Of exams, fire alarms, and failure

June 4, 2005

So I’ve been thinking about possible resolutions to screwed-up exams on Tuesday morning. As I see it, these are the possibilities:

  • We write a new exam at a later date. This isn’t quite satisfactory because a lot of material that wasn’t on the first exam will probably find it’s way into a new one.
  • Only the questions that were answered on the original exam are marked. I don’t like this, because the state of my exam paper after an hour is by no means a final revision.
  • An assignment is given to cover the 30% that the exam would have. This is ideal.

It isn’t possible to give us the old exams back to finish, obviously. But really, what happens is immaterial because Mercer will find some way to screw me over no matter what. And we all lose, really, because she’ll be perpetually pissed off until the end of the year. Now before you say, “What else is new?”… actually, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t say that. It’s absolutely true.


One Response to “Of exams, fire alarms, and failure”

  1. Boz4PM Says:

    *blinks* What the hell happened?

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