Greetings, my servants (I admit it, it was lame)

June 3, 2005

So… I have a blog. Again. Maybe this time I’ll actually post to it once every couple years (look! flying pigs!).

Of late I’ve been obsessed with… wait for it… Star Wars (no cookies if you guessed Lord of the Rings, sorry). Not Revenge of the Sith in particular, though it was quite novel to see a prequel that actually did justice to the universe. In RotS Lucas seems to have gotten his head around the infinitely quaint concept that movies should actually be, like, good, and, like, enjoyable. Now if you’re messed up enough that you’re actually reading the blog of a guy that has delusions about being a three-foot-tall, 900-year-old green creature that walks with a stick and kicks major ass, you probably already know that Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back was the best installment of Star Wars. Episode IV – A New Hope was okay, and Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi was pretty good except for the usual mindless blabbering that nearly all of Lucas’ characters do (a notable exception is Yoda – Lucas is probably too lazy to bother writing a lot of lines in Yoda’s screwed-up object-subject-verb syntax) and those goddamn Ewoks. But ESB simply blows every pre-Peter Jackson-Lord of the Rings fantasy/action film out of the water. To put in simple terms, it pwns all.

So as a result of a Star Wars film that doesn’t suck being released for the first time in 20-odd years, I’ve been doing pathetic Yoda imitations (I don’t have the syntax or those damn squeaky sounds down yet), yelling “You were the Chosen One!” at people that I’ve never seen before (comments such as, “Whoa… was there a breakout at the mental hospital?” no longer deter me), and bemoaning the state of the Force and the strength of the Sith incessantly. Yes, I pity the poor bastards that have to put up with me. Now that I’ve gotten that confession off my chest (I soooo need nerd rehab), I have some other tidbits for you:

  • Firefox 1.0.x hit 60 million downloads on Tuesday. Die, Internet Explorer, die!
  • Deep Park Alpha 1 (Firefox 1.1 Alpha 1) also shipped on Tuesday. Download it here and take it for a spin. It’s pretty nifty, with native SVG support, a new Options UI, and a Sanitize feature to clear history/cache/etc.
  • The Chinese government still has it’s panties in a knot over the Tiananmen Square killings in 1989 (check out this article on BBC News).
  • They’ve got Osama. Oh shit… why is my computer spewing smoke? (If you don’t understand, go here).
  • ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved the creation of the .xxx domain for porn. I’ll chop their legs off, you focus on machine-gunning the face.

I’ll be back. Yes, I know the cheesy Arnold accent isn’t helping. But I will be back. Really.


5 Responses to “Greetings, my servants (I admit it, it was lame)”

  1. Elb Says:

    I found it. :p

  2. Boz4PM Says:

    Only cos I told you it existed. :p Technically I found it.


  3. Elb Says:

    I founded it too though! *stamps foot* :p

    And you didn’t tell me it existed. You just told me the information existed somewhere. ;p

  4. Boz4PM Says:

    I also told you how I found it since you were throwing a tantrum and insisting I just give you the link instead. 😛 Admit it – it was more fun finding it like this, right?

  5. AN Says:

    I also found it. That is, I clicked the link. :p

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